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Welcome to iCarpet Clean & Pest Control – the renowned pest control services in Brisbane. We specialize in pest control, inspections and pest treatments. Being a leading pest control service in Brisbane, we ensure that our customers get the best protection and treatments to check a wide variety of pests.

At iCarpet Clean & Pest Control, we use eco-friendly and safe products in and around your residential or commercial space. If you have ever faced problems with pests, you must be aware how difficult is to remove domestic pests. Though DIY pest control can be effective for some insects, others require strong chemical treatments, especially on a larger scale.

Have you been struggling with pest issue for a long duration? If yes, get associated with our expert pest control team and support staff who can help you get rid of pests at your homes, businesses, and workspace. Because we have a large local team, we possess detailed knowledge of pest issues in and around Brisbane.

Our pest control services in Brisbane are backed by expert field biologists and global R&D center. We offer services to eliminate flying, walking or crawling pests, including fleas, rats, mice, wasps, ants, termite, spiders, and cockroaches that infest your property.

We offer the following services in this section:

Termite inspection

A termite infestation can give rise to extreme damage and expensive repairs. A regular termite inspection can detect activity and prevent the damage.

Termite treatment

Termites cause expensive damage to wooden products and timber. Our expert treatment can help you get rid of this pest effectively.

Pest inspection

Before relocating to a new home or buying a new property, a pest inspection can help you detect any infestation and control the structural damage in and around the property.

General pest treatment

It includes general treatment for ants, cockroaches, spiders, etc. in various parts of your house, like bins, garage, garden shed and so on.

Commercial pest control service in Brisbane

iCarpet Clean & Pest Control is specialized in pest control in diverse business sectors. We have extensive knowledge of food safety laws that govern businesses in an array of industries. We can advise pest prevention and treatments to our customers to stay legally compliant with food safety laws and regulation.

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